Is your second baby in progress or are you expecting twins? 

Is your second baby in progress or are you expecting twins? 

Opt for a double stroller to easily go for a ride with your children. However, it is not always easy to find your way around and choose from the wide range of double stroller models currently available on the market pack and play with bassinet and changing table. How then to choose the right double stroller?

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For a double stroller to be useful and practical, it is essential that it be easy to handle. The maneuverability of a stroller depends on several parameters such as its weight and its wheels While it is true that heavy strollers are the most stable, they are on the other hand less easy to guide than light strollers. For people who want great maneuverability, it is recommended to choose a stroller with an aluminum frame. This type of frame is distinguished by the fact that it is light. The maneuverability of a stroller also depends on the size of its wheels. In order for it to effectively combine stability and maneuverability, a stroller must havelarge rear wheels and smaller front wheels. The importance of the small wheels up front is that they make it easier to change direction and take tight corners. It is also important that the front wheels are swivel.


By footprint it means the space that the double stroller occupies when in use. The size of a double stroller can be greater in length or width depending on its configuration. In fact, double in-line strollers occupy a large space in length while in width they are less space intensive. On the other hand, with side-by-side strollers the width is the most important. However, with quadruple strollers, the space occupied in length and width is the same.

When buying a double stroller, it is recommended to opt for the stroller that offers the greatest comfort to your children without being greedy in space. The most compact strollers are the most convenient when you’re in a store or on public transport. In addition, the double strollers being for the great majority equipped with a foldable and unfolding structure, it is easy to store them after use so that they do not unnecessarily clutter up the space.

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The comfort of the child

One of the main reasons for buying a double stroller is the desire to provide your twins or close-aged children with the best possible comfort. For your children to enjoy excellent comfort, the seats of the stroller in which they are installed must be padded. Make sure the foam used for the padding is soft enough not to irritate your children’s skin. It is also important that the straps of the child safety harness are also padded.. This is essential so that the child’s shoulders are not bruised from rough friction between the harness straps and the child’s fragile skin. The comfort of your children will be even greater if the seats of their strollers are reclining. Tilting the seats is useful for giving children a rest while you run errands or go for a walk.

The accessories

There are various accessories that can be used with a double stroller. There are pockets to store toys or other things your children may need while you are away from the house. It is also possible to purchase a saddle which can be attached or detached from the double stroller. This accessory is practical on a double stroller because it allows a parent to be able to arrange an additional place for a third child even if it is not a place similar to those of the stroller itself. A double stroller can also come with a basket to easily store purchases made in a store.