How to own and earn bitcoins from scratch

How to own and earn bitcoins from scratch

Prosto dizzying growth of the rate and popularity demonstrates the cryptocurrency bitcoin. Electronic coins can now be paid not only in online stores, but even to pay for tuition at some universities. And their average rate in May 2019 is thousands of times higher than 7 years ago. Where does the money come from MLM system developer, how to create a bitcoin wallet, how much it costs and why such a popular bitcoin (bitcoin), understood

What is bitcoin?

Bitcoin is digital money that has no physical form. In essence, this is just a record that you have a certain amount of cryptocurrency in your account. At the same time, bitcoin is becoming more and more common, and you can buy many goods and services in Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia and Japan.

The difference between bitcoin and other digital currencies is its decentralization. Bitcoin information is stored simultaneously on all computers connected to the cryptocurrency network. In addition, anyone can view the history of transactions with all bitcoins for the entire period since its inception using blockchain technology, which makes this cryptocurrency one of the most secure in the world.

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Mining or how to earn bitcoins?

One way to earn bitcoins is through bitcoin mining, which is a settlement for servicing bitcoin payments around the world. It is better to exchange bitcoins with the help of special equipment – ASIC, after the purchase of which you will need to install a program for mining bitcoins (miner), create a bitcoin wallet, and connect to an exchanger or cryptocurrency exchange for crediting bitcoins. Once all these steps are completed – you can start mining.

Because bitcoin mining equipment is not cheap – it costs from $ 1,000, consumes a lot of electricity, emits a lot of heat and is quite loud, and competition in mining is only growing – bitcoin mining at home gives way to industrial mining (creating large computing power in favorable countries) , as well as cloud mining (when you become a minority investor in large mining farms with the help of special services-sites).

It is worth noting that earnings from bitcoin mining – a very difficult matter. Serious bitcoin mining does not happen without investments, and the profitability of the process, given the cost of buying equipment or investing in a cloud company, has recently declined, and exceeds 1 year.

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What is a bitcoin tap?

Bitcoin tap use to be another way to earning bitcoins with not investing from starting, which used to be completed on a phone or home PC daily on a regular Android. Bitcoin tap is an Internet portal, registering on which, you periodically accrue a small amount of bitcoins. Sometimes this requires an action, such as clicking a button or entering a number from the displayed image.

Such sites act as a kind of advertising platform that promotes the services of bitcoin exchangers and exchanges. The administrator of the portal is a bitcoin tap, receives income from advertising and shares part of it with registered users. Therefore, you can make money on bitcoin taps, but not much will come out, except that by registering on hundreds of them.